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The participation in this research is confidential; however, all data will become anonymous when processed. Any identification markers are collected for monitoring purposes only and will remain anonymous. No IP (internet protocol) addresses will be recorded by the online survey tool, ‘Survey Monkey'.


All data collected will not be identifiable or linked to a particular individual. All individual responses will be aggregated into groups and report means and standard deviations only.


All collected data will be stored in a secure location with the only access available to myself. Original data will only be stored for up to five years after the completion of my Ph.D. research at which point it will be securely deleted. 


The results of this study will be used in association with a larger study of the current situation of sustainable architecture practice required for my Ph.D. research. The production of any reports in association with the data collected from this survey will only be used for this research, for publications related to my Ph.D. research at Aarhus School of Architecture in Denmark or in some cases a processed report may be distributed to participants who request it with the condition that it may not be recreated or published without written consent. 


If you are a participant in the survey and would like a copy of the findings from this report when it is complete, please select the appropriate box at the end of the survey. If you selected ‘no’ during the survey but have changed your mind, please send me an email to receive a copy. 

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