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Fourteen semi-structured interviews were conducted with respondents from the questionnaire. These interviews aimed to both gain more insight into the responses from the questionnaire while also exploring the three established themes and the two tentative themes which developed from the questionnaire and initial interviews. The semi-structured interviews were designed with influences by grounded theory, and evolved as different information was collected. A interview guide with themes was designed and used throughout the process to help frame the interview procedure. The majority of the interviews were conducted over Skype with a few over the phone due to technical difficulties, and there was no possibility to reschedule. Skype was used for pragmatic reasons as the interviewees were from multiple countries and with time and financial constraints, this was viewed as the best compromise. All interviewees were recorded (with visual information when possible) and transcribed verbatim. Transcripts were aggregated and organised by questions asked before analysis. All identifying markers were removed from the transcripts to allow for the full anonymity as respondents were from both academia and practice. 

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