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This qualitative content analysis study was conducted following the results of the questionnaire. After asking the participants of the questionnaire what sources (books, journals, online media, built examples etc.) they use to gain knowledge about sustainable architecture and how often they use each source, it raised a query about what information is actually published in different sources, especially the sources used on a daily and weekly basis. This was the initiating purpose of this study; to understand and evaluate the amount and also content of the information provided to architectural professionals through the conventional discourse of journals, magazines and online blogs. Subsequently, a qualitative content analysis was performed on issues from 2012 to 2016 (five year period) from: Architecture Research Quarterly, Architectural Design, the Architect’s Journal and the Architectural Review. In addition, one-hundred articles each from online architectural blog ArchDaily and Dezeen were used. Nearly 25 000 pages of magazines and journals were skimmed through manually and then digitally searched for keywords to conduct both deductive and inductive content analysis.


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